The Risk Assessment and Protection Program™ educates, informs, educates and assists entrepreneurs in understanding how to use insurance to protect their business operations, employees, and assets. It creates the plan to protect their future. Created by David Hills, The Risk Assessment and Protection Program™ will help you initiate the steps required to ensure the integrity of your business and its operations in the event of a major calamity. "Many entrepreneurs have successfully initiated their businesses based either on a particular skill that they have or an opportunity that they identified in the marketplace for a product or service.

In the early stages of the business the focus of the owners in on building the business and they are hesitant, in fact, almost loathe, to incur expenditures for what they consider to be non-revenue producing activities. They do not establish financial systems and processes that might assist them in effectively managing all of the aspects of their business. In most cases they may not have a clear plan to take advantage of the potential financial strengths inherent in their business," says Hills. "They usually feel that creating these systems are just another cost and will reduce the funds available to them. Most often they never take the time to take an objective look at their business, rather they focus on the day-to-day activities with no view of the mid or longer term.”

Hills further states, “It goes without saying that putting in place the appropriate insurance and additional internal protection systems is not even on their agenda.” This lack of protection only becomes apparent after the “horse is out of the barn!” When a loss does occur the owner is left wondering why they did not take the time to ensure they knew exactly what position they would be in and how they might go forward with their business. As a result, they may be unhappy with the position they are left in after a major loss and this can create a significant loss to their confidence in their future.

SBA has created The Risk Assessment and Protection Program™, to help business owners create a plan to fully assess the value of their assets, the protection they are putting in place, and to create a proper plan for the future.

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